“…an outstanding record of activity and leadership that has given both direction and indeed inspiration, not just at a local, but also at a national level.”

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Hank Roberts is a well known campaigner against academies and corruption. He was a whistleblower on his headteacher and uncovered what amounted to the wrongful misappropriation of £2.7 million pounds from the school. He is also a long time campaigner against asbestos in schools. This is a no holds barred account of Hank’s life in the fast lane from his birth in Bermuda, through street fights to legal fights, from classroom to class war.

Half the profits go to the National Education Museum

Hank founded Professional Unity 2000 in 1996

Renamed Unify in 2009, he is currently Organising Secretary, and has made this a leading priority in his union work.


Organising the country’s premier education Health and Safety Conferences


Held in March 2006 at Wembley Conference Centre. Speakers included General Secretaries of ATL, NASUWT and NUT, Lord Hunt, Minister for H&S., and author, Madeleine Bunting. He has organised, with the joint unions and Brent Council, the third conference happening on March 11th at Wembley Stadium. Kevin Courtney NUT Deputy General Secretary is a speaker.

Winner of Alan award 2009

The Alan award is given as the Hazards Trouble Maker of the Year. In other words, someone who has been most effective in stirring up trouble for criminal employers and complacent governments in order to make workplaces safer and healthier for workers and environments healthier for communities. Hank’s work on asbestos and exposing the bonus scandal at Copland meant he was well qualified to receive the award.


Winning TUC “Health and Safety Rep of the Year” award in 2006.


Dr Gill Reed, Brent H&S Advisor says, “Hank has raised enormously the profile of H&S. Brent now has the highest proportion of H&S Reps in the country.”

“He is a prime mover, alongside Michael Lees, of the campaign to have all asbestos removed from educational premises. He well deserved the TUC award. Hank is tenacious in righting wrongs as he did when a child was killed on a school trip when procedures were not followed.”

Sladebrook asbestos documents

Led the anti academy occupation of the Wembley Park Sports Ground site.

This led to the withdrawal of the socalled called ‘sponsor’ tax exile and secret Labour loaner Andrew Rosenfeld. The occupation lasted six months during 2007 when the lease was extended. Hank and the occupiers returned the following year when the threat returned and Hank was the last to be evicted after locking himself to the flagpole on the roof of the sports building. The community occupation had wide spread support and gave inspiration to others to take direct action to stop academies in their areas.

Resolute campaigner for Professional Unity.

Hank was invited as an honoured guest to the inaugural conference of the UCU held in May 2007 (formed from the merger of AUT and NATFHE) for working to promote unity not just amongst teachers, but amongst lecturers.

He is a well known public speaker

Hank has spoken at many meetings around the country passing on his experience in fighting against academies. In addition to speaking regularly at Conference, he has shared platforms with national figures such as Tony Benn and the late Professor Ted Wragg.

Hank has considerable media experience


This includes numerous appearances on television and on radio both in news items and on in depth analysis programmes. Hank’s profile had risen, as well as his experience, with all his media appearances over the bonus scandal at his school in Wembley. He is also regularly quoted or referred to in the national news media and has written articles for educational journals.