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Hank Roberts is a well known campaigner against academies and corruption. He was a whistleblower on his headteacher and uncovered what amounted to the wrongful misappropriation of £2.7 million pounds from the school. He is also a long time campaigner against asbestos in schools. This is a no holds barred account of Hank’s life in the fast lane from his birth in Bermuda, through street fights to legal fights, from classroom to class war.

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Hank is well known for his tenacity and fearlessness in campaigning and negotiating on behalf of members. As a founder member of UNIFY – one education union (formerly Professional Unity 2000), he uses all opportunities to promote closer working and campaigning together. Through his work on Professional Unity, Hank was key to the formation of the National Education Union (NEU). This was formed by the amalgamation of the ATL and the NUT. The new union came into being on the 1st September 2017. Hank was elected onto the Joint Executive Council (JEC), which is overseeing the coming together of the ATL and NUT sections. On 1st January 2019, the two sections became fully amalgamated. Both unions have recognised the role that Hank has played in this tremendous step forward towards one education union.

Hank blew the whistle on his Headteacher’s outrageous bonuses and was suspended for his action. When it became clear to the Government and Brent that he would continue to pursue the unlawful payments to senior staff in the school they had to act. The Head and two senior staff were suspended and Hank was reinstated.

His five year campaign, with teachers, parents and residents, to stop the building of an academy on sports ground has given inspiration to others campaigning to save state education. Hank has continued to campaign against academies and the privatisation of state education in all possible forums including, local campaigns, and at regional and national conferences.

Also Hank has done sterling work on Health and Safety, in particular to have asbestos removed from all educational premises. For this work he received the prestigious ‘Alan’ award 2009 at the Hazards national Conference. Known as the ‘troublemaker of the year’ award it is given to those who help make workplaces safer for workers and environments healthier for communities. Previously, he won the TUC award for Health and Safety Rep of the Year.

Hank was been a member of the ATL Executive from 2002. He was elected Junior Vice President in September 2010, and became National President in September 2012. When the ATL and NUT amalgamated and became the National Education Union Hank was delighted to be elected onto the NEU Executive.