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Hank Roberts is a well known campaigner against academies and corruption. He was a whistleblower on his headteacher and uncovered what amounted to the wrongful misappropriation of £2.7 million pounds from the school. He is also a long time campaigner against asbestos in schools. This is a no holds barred account of Hank’s life in the fast lane from his birth in Bermuda, through street fights to legal fights, from classroom to class war.

Half the profits go to the National Education Museum

Rebel Without a Pause: There’s no Justice. Just us and what we choose to do about it

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References in the book.

Page 103 Sladebrook Asbestos documents – see asbestos page

Page 142 List of Privatised industries List of Privatised Industries for Book

Page 145 Tosh TOSH

Page 211 Inaugural speech – on media page

Page 213 Annual Conference ATL Presidential speech ATL Annual Conference speech And the Power Point to go with it atl speech

Page 286 Davies Judgement Brent BC v Davies & Others Final Judgmentpdf

Page 297 Examples of Scurrill sheets

Travesty and Tragedy – The Village school

Travesty & Farce 

FINAL Travesty and Tragedy2


scurrell 3

scurrell3 anti academies